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Tiny Pies Take San Antonio!

Ice cream has many companions but its greatest partner in crime is definitely pie! So when it comes to partnering with local food businesses, we look to Tiny Pies -- not just because ice cream loves pie and pie loves ice cream, but because ice cream loves the BEST pie made from scratch right here in Austin. And that's what Tiny Pies is all about, y'all!

The last occasion that brought Tiny Pies & Lick Honest Ice Creams together was our Ladies of the 80s 5th Birthday Party last October 2016. Tiny Pies contributed their Guinness Stout Bar Pie with peanuts to incorporate into our "Diane (From Cheers)" ice cream... and it rocked so hard that we've been thinking about it ever since.

With the Tiny Pies pop up shop at our Historic Pearl shop in San Antonio merely 2 days away, we've been dreaming up all of our pie plans in order to take FULL advantage of this one time pie-pportunity.

First and foremost, we plan to eat a tiny pie in its pure, unadulterated glory. Second, we will definitely enjoy a pie "a la mode" because, well, we don't think we need to explain why. Lastly, we will muster restraint to save some pies to fold INTO fresh, homemade ice cream at home because if the "Diane (From Cheers)" ice cream flavor is any indication, you should always put pie in your ice cream. We strongly recommend that you do just that using our Stovetop Ice Cream Base (recipe provided in our Fig Out For SFC) or your favorite ice cream base recipe with any of Tiny Pies' top 5 pie flavors coming to San Antonio on September 9th: Texas Two Step, Cherry, Blueberry, Apple, and Pecan! Come up with your own pie ice cream flavor combination to enjoy for days!

Fortunately for all of you, Tiny Pies has also generously shared their Guinness Stout Bar Pie recipe for all of us to recreate the "Diane (From Cheers)" ice cream flavor that we can't stop gushing about! (Austin fans, you can find this pie flavor at Tiny Pies' South Lamar and North Burnet shops this weekend!)

Happy pie eating! We hope to see you at 9:30AM on September 9th to give Tiny Pies' that big San Antonio-size welcome, y'all!