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  • Is your ice cream organic?
    No. Though we use as many organic ingredients as possible, not everything we use is certified organic, and therefore we cannot label our ice creams as “Organic.” Since we cannot source everything organic, we make every effort to source from sustainable farmers and responsible artisans which luckily in Austin are very easy to find!
  • Are your products gluten free?
    All of our ice creams start with our base that is always gluten free. From there we build our flavors, and though many of our them are gluten free, not all of them are. If there is gluten in any of our ice creams, we will certainly make it known to you, our customers. We do our best to provide options that almost anyone can enjoy. We're proud to now offer a vegan, gluten free ice cream sandwich!
  • Are you non-GMO?
    Yes, we are committed to using non-GMO ingredients in all of our ice creams. Many, but not all, of our ingredients are certified non-GMO. We focus on working with small family farmers who produce non-GMO products but might not be able to afford certification.
  • Are your waffle cones homemade?
    Yes! We use our own recipe and make our cones from scratch, rolling each one by hand in every shop every day. Our cones contain local cage-free eggs, butter, cane sugar, vanilla extract, and wheat flour, and are NOT gluten free.
  • Where do you make your ice cream?
    We make every single batch by hand in our Northwest Austin kitchen. Every flavor is created in 3 to 5 gallon batches and either sent directly to the dipping cabinet or packed by hand into a pint or sandwich.
  • Are all of your ingredients locally sourced?
    We wish we could say yes but ingredients such as vanilla, cocoa, coconut milk, and a handful of others do not grow in Texas' climate. If ingredients are not able to be locally grown, we have committed to acquiring them through a local resource, a small, locally owned business whenever possible. All fruit, vegetables and herbs are sourced from local farms and only used when in season. To date, we have provided over $1.4 million worth of business for our family-owned farmers and artisans! We are committed to using ingredients that we can trace and that are ethically produced. For example, our bean-to-bar chocolate, coconut milk, and vanilla come from ethical sources.
  • Is your ice cream Kosher?
    No, our ice cream is not yet Kosher-certified, although many of our ingredients are, including all of our sugar, tapioca starch, brown rice syrup and organic guar bean. We work with many small businesses that have also not yet gone through the expensive process of becoming kosher certified.
  • Can I order Lick Ice Creams online?
    Yes, you can! Go to to order.
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