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Grapefruit Champs.png
Grapefruit with Champagne Marshmallows

House-made champagne marshmallows float through bright and refreshing grapefruit ice cream. (contains gelatin)

Lick Zoomed In (3).png
Loopy Fruit

Flip on your favorite Saturday morning cartoon, y’all!

This new cereal-inspired flavor has rainbow
shortbread crunchies, made with plant-based Nature’s Flavors color, in a sweet, creamy citrus base. (contains
gluten & egg)

Lick Zoomed In (4).png
Orange Chocolate

Austin’s own SRSLY Chocolate and Organic Oranges meld together for a zingy winter treat!

Tequila Lime Coconut in a Waffle Bowl1 -
Tequila Coconut

This coconut milk ice cream brings out the vibrant notes of fresh limes and gets its kick from Dulce Vida Tequila. (contains alcohol)

718A2238 Large.jpeg
Strawberry Brownie Swirl (V)

Creamy oat milk ice cream meets its match with ribbons of our homemade Texas strawberry jam and soft chocolate brownie bites. (contains gluten)

718A2348 Large_edited.jpg
Lick A Latte

Your favorite foamy latte in ice cream form! A salted caramel swirl and buttery brown sugar
cookie nibbles give you the perfect perky treat starring Third Coast coffee. (contains gluten & egg)

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