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Blackberry Lime Basil

Lime zest and fresh basil illuminate our sweet and tart Central Texas blackberries! Blended together, these local summer flavors make a vibrant ice cream.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie

Our SRSLY Chocolate ice cream blends beautifully with creamy peanut butter and chunks of our decadent house made brownie. (contains wheat, egg, peanut)

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Back Porch Iced Tea

Kick back and relax with this refreshing combination of Steeping Room black tea, milk & cream, and a strong pour of Paula's Texas Lemon & Grapefruit liqueurs. (contains alcohol)

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Caramel Corn

Our sweet cream corn ice cream, made with J&B Farms sweet corn, is accented with a silky ribbon of buttery house made caramel sauce. (contains corn)

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Fig & Fromage

Sweet jam made from scratch with local Texas figs balances the delicate tartness of Goatlicious romage Blanc, a fresh cheese made right here in Texas.

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