About Our Ice Creams


To us, "honest" simply means we use the purest ingredients we can find in our artisanal ice creams. What doesn’t go into our ice creams is just as important as what does. We never use artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, ever! We can trace every single ingredient we use to its source. Ice cream shouldn’t just taste good — we believe it should also be good.


We take great pride in witnessing our milk and cream as it journeys from the cow to your scoop. All of the milk and cream used to make our ice creams comes from family owned dairies in Texas and Wisconsin; and everything from the sauces, syrups, cookies, cakes and marshmallows is made by hand in our kitchen. We churn every batch and pack each pint by hand in our kitchen. We roll each waffle cone made from our homemade recipe in our shops every single day.  All in an effort to serve up the freshest, most honest ice creams possible. We are also committed to sustainability by using only compostable cups, spoons and napkins in our shops.


Our Cilantro Lime, Dewberry Corn Cobbler and Sweet Persimmon and Sage ice creams are just some of the flavors inspired by and created with seasonal offerings from Texas. We work directly with local farmers and food artisans to source our fine ingredients to guarantee a farm-to-table product that is always fresh and delicious!