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Meet Diana!

When you work for a small local business, chances are you’re going to wear several different hats. Diana Vassar has worn the gamut as Lick’s first employee, from flavor tester to policies maker to food photographer. The job can easily be described as frenetic, and that’s why she loves it. “I like being involved in everything,” Diana said. “It’s really motivating to see everything running individually, all the parts, and being able to contribute to every aspect of the business.” Let’s be honest: Diana originally didn’t want to work at an ice cream shop. The New Jersey-native had just moved from the northeast to escape the cold when she dropped off her resume with Lick’s owners, Chad and Antho

Spotlight: HausBar Farms

One of the best things about letting our menu change with the seasons is that we have a better understanding of the ingredients we use. We could call any major produce supplier and have peaches delivered to our front door any day of the year. But if we’re patient and wait for their growing season, we’re rewarded with a fruit at the peak of its flavor and nutritional value. Using seasonal ingredients makes our job easier; we can let their natural sweetness shine through our ice creams rather than having to add a bunch of sugar. It’s also led us to build relationships with local producers, like HausBar Farm, who share our commitment to providing fresh flavors in a sustainable way. HausBar has

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