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Lamar Union

As bittersweet as it was to permanently shut our doors at the original South Lamar location last month, April has been an opportunity for new beginnings. Our new shop in Lamar Union is such a unique location for South Austin, with its mixed-use space anchored by our city’s most beloved movie theater, the Alamo Drafthouse. We have loved getting to know our neighbors, who are all newcomers to the block (after all, it’s still under construction). It’s been like starting at a new school – we’re all learning together, making mistakes, friends, and memories that will stay with us and become as cherished as the ones we already hold dear to our hearts. Get to know a few of our great neighbors, and c

Experiences in Ice Cream: NYC

Though Lick obviously situates itself solidly within the state of Texas and its culinary traditions, it could be just as easily argued that we owe part of our heritage to a place almost two thousand miles away: New York City. Our company’s founders, Chad and Anthony, first met in New York while in February of 2005. Without that intersection, Lick Honest Ice Creams could not have ever existed like it does today. On a recent vacation to New York to visit family and friends, I thought it would be fun to explore what ice cream New York has to offer. Of course, I was also going to visit the classics like the MoMA and Times Square, but turning the trip into a scavenger hunt for truly delicious fro

Spotlight: Hill Country Lavender

How does one become the owner of a lavender farm? For Tasha Brieger, it had to do with being in the right place at the right time while pursuing a career – but not what you’d think. Tasha first got involved with Hill Country Lavender Farm in Blanco as the owner’s photography intern. The original owners, National Geographic photographer Robb Kendrick and his wife, Jeannie Ralston, were taken by the lavender fields in Provence while on assignment for a story about perfume-making. They planted their own 2,000 plants upon their return to Texas, during Tasha’s first summer with them, and by the following summer had a field of lavender. When Jeannie invited the community and surrounding towns to c

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