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Peanut Fudge Swirl: It's All Good!

Earlier this month, we introduced a brand new flavor at our Austin & San Antonio scoop shops and it's been FLYING out of our scoops! Peanut Fudge Swirl features roasted Texas peanuts tossed into a rich fudge sauce and swirled through our creamy peanut butter ice cream. If chocolate & peanut butter is the flavor combo of your dreams (like it is ours), you're going to love it. [P.S. if you visit our scoop shops, pair a scoop of this flavor with a scoop of our Caramel Salt Lick and tell us what it reminds you of!] We're proud to offer such a crowd-pleasing flavor that also shares a prominent taste of Texas. Peanuts have been grown as a commercial crop in our home state since 1906 because th

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