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Goodbye, 2032 South Lamar

Over five years ago I came across a tiny, charming storefront that was a bit rough around the edges. It sat back off South Lamar Boulevard, behind a parking lot that was ridden with potholes and it shared a wall with the iconic Austin bar, The Horseshoe Lounge. The walls were made of solid stone from the Texas Hill Country and it embodied everything I had always loved about old South Austin. I was immediately obsessed with that being the home of Lick Honest Ice Creams and to me, any other space was simply not an option. Once we had secured a lease and the keys were in our hands, Chad and I went right to work. We labored for months during the hottest summer in Austin history with the hel

Spotlight: G&S Groves

The land on which G&S Groves resides in McAllen, Texas has been in the Strohmeyer family for nearly a century. George and Elizabeth originally ran the land as a farm with livestock, and its first planted grove was wiped out by a great drought in the 1930s. But today, the business and its groves are thriving more than ever. Not only can you find its citrus fruits through produce suppliers like Johnson’s Backyard Garden and Greenling, but also taste and smell their juicy essence in a wide variety of products – from candles and perfumes to some of our favorite seasonal ice cream flavors, including Tequila Lime Pie, Fresh Oranges & Fennel, and Sweet Lemon, Gin & Juniper. G&S Groves is now run by

Spotlight: in.gredients

When you walk by in.gredients on Manor Road, you might mistake it as someone having a fun gathering with on their front lawn. A woman tends to the garden as several others snack and talk at picnic tables. On one end of the property, a swarm of children buzz around a playground while their parents sit on a wooden bench, watching them and talking amongst themselves. When in.gredients first opened in 2012, it instantly garnered a lot of attention as being one of the first businesses in Austin to adopt a bulk-only, package-free approach. But one look at in.gredients and you realize that it’s so much more than a grocery store with unconventional packaging standards; it’s a micro-community spearhe

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