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Our Favorite (Holiday) Things

As if our holiday flavors, which we've been snacking on since Black Friday, didn't quite kick us into full-on holiday mode, our annual staff holiday party definitely put us in the spirit! This week, we truly felt the seasonal excitement set in and we're now so looking forward to enjoying all the local holiday activities we love. Central Texas does this season right, y'all, so if you're looking for some festive fun, here are our recommendations!

It's iconic and totally Austin! When I first moved to Austin to attend UT, this was the event that really showed me what the culture of Austin was all about. All kinds of people coming together to take in the lights, the cocoa, the yule log, and that amazing view of our city! And no stroll through the trail would be complete without a spin under the Zilker Tree. Just do it! You'll feel like a kid again, I guarantee it.

This is the first stop for us each year for holiday gifts! There's such a fantastic assortment of items all crafted by local artisans. Thanks to the vast selection of unique treasures, you're sure to find something for that hard-to-impress person on your gift list!

The reflection of the lights on the lake is just magical. Chad and I both have a serious sweet tooth, so the fact that there's cake, cookies, and cocoa only adds to the charm for us. I mean, what's better than chilling by the lake with hot cocoa and chocolate cake while taking in some impressive Christmas lights? (answer: not much)

It's just so classic Christmas! The grandeur of the hotel is matched by the gorgeous tree in the lobby. Santa is on hand, of course, and seeing the looks on the kids' faces as they watch the tree light up after eagerly but patiently waiting is just downright precious.

Okay, so this isn't in Austin but we have a shop in San Antonio AND this is one of my favorite things to do for the holidays in our entire great state of Texas! The history of the Riverwalk, the towering Cypress trees with the multi-colored lights dripping down the branches, the music... it all goes perfectly together and is uniquely Texas. So grab a hot cocoa (or a margarita) and stroll the river like a proud Texan!

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