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Celebrating PRIDE with Wunderkeks!

Happy PRIDE Month! For the first time ever, we’re doing a collaboration for one of our favorite months. We’re joining forces with another out-and-proud business, Wunderkeks, and it’s a match made in heaven. Together, we created a limited-edition flavor, topping, and a PRIDE Fundae Kit—the perfect gift to wish your friends a Happy PRIDE! The kits (only available for online purchase here) include our special-edition flavor Strawberry Lemon Rainbow flavor, Wunderkeks’ Rainbow Crunch topping, and festive sundae toppers, which are all available at our scoop shops so you can dress up your cones!

We sat down with the Wunderkeks’ Co-Owners, Hans Shrein and Luis Gramajo, and our very own Co-Owners Chad Palmatier and Anthony Sobotik to talk about the magic behind the collaboration.

What’s unique about your baked goods company, Wunderkeks?

Hans: We don’t use any preservatives for mixes or trans fats. That’s super important to us. We make everything in our kitchen, it’s very similar to what your grandma would have made.

Luis: As a gay couple, we want people to know that even being a minority—it’s just an obstacle and it’s something that makes you stronger every day. So, we would really love for people to remember not to give up and follow their dreams, as cheesy as it sounds.

How is Wunderkeks celebrating PRIDE this year?

Luis: We are going to be working a lot. For us, PRIDE is like Christmas. It’s something that we celebrate every day—but during the month of June, we're doing special flavors, special packaging, and collaborations like this one. So, we're going to be super busy.

Hans: We're doing something where we explicitly say, “Hey, be yourselves, this is for you.” I think we are doing a good job with that.

Anthony and Chad, tell us about the collaborative flavor and the topping?

Anthony: Strawberry Lemonade Rainbow is super vibrant and really fresh. We got local lemons from the Rio Grande Valley and Texas strawberries that create a strawberry lemonade base, and then we fold in rainbow-colored, slightly salty shortbread cookie crumbles. It’s a happy flavor that just makes you smile ’cause we’re going into happier times!

What does PRIDE mean to you?

Anthony: PRIDE is so much about being visible—to be out and proud, celebrating with your family and friends and community—the family that you build yourself, the family you’re born with. And to share LGBTQIA-owned businesses with those people around us is really important.

Chad: Within our own company, we are inclusive and supportive. We have a really diverse team, and we love it. We just want that appreciation of what makes us all special, unique and amazing to extend out into our community in the same way. We want to share that with other people.

Wunderkeks guys, what's your favorite ice cream flavor at Lick Honest Ice Creams?

Luis: I love dulce de leche so Caramel Salt Lick is my favorite.

Hans: I'm a dark chocolate person so I like Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil & Sea Salt.

What’s your favorite Wunderkeks’ product?

Chad: Their brownies are amazing. I’m a brownie guy.

Anthony: For me, it’s the more classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. But their brownies are really freaking good!


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