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Meet Barb and Kori!

To be clear: Barb’s the truck, Kori’s the driver. Kori first started working for Lick last Spring when she took up driving Barb and she’s been working at the company’s Burnet location since it first opened. Originally from Houston, Kori came to Austin about four years ago. Clearly, ice cream is something Kori is passionate about: her first job was at an ice cream shop in high school and, even now, she likes to make ice cream at home, testing out flavor combinations she hasn’t seen elsewhere. One of her favorite things to include in her homemade ice creams are jalapenos.She tells me this with glee, grinning widely. “Have you ever tried ice cream with jalapenos in it?” Kori asks as we sit casu

Meet Summer!

Meet Summer, Lick’s Burnet Road shop manager! As someone who loves to travel, Summer Holeman has experienced the nuances of various cultures that differentiate them from her home. But no matter how foreign her surroundings are or how temporary her visit may be, she always finds community. Luckily for us, Summer has rooted herself in the Lick community. Over the past three and a half years, she has risen through the ranks from shift leader to Burnet Road shop manager. But it’s not her personal achievements that she’s most proud of – it’s the relationships she’s fostered. “We’re a family at the end of the day and I think not every company can say that,” Summer said. “I can say that some of my

Model Behaviors: Cilantro Lime Pie!

This recipe originally appeared on Model Behaviors. Growing up, my family would take one epic camping trip every summer. Not just my immediate family, but all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents on my mom’s side of the family, plus my grandma from my dad’s side of the family, and any friends who wanted to come along, too. We’d book whole sections of the campground sometimes. My cousins and I would bring our bikes and explore the parks for hours, or we’d ski and tube on the back of my uncle Pat’s boat (he’d do his best to throw us off), or we’d traipse down to the community beach in a gang and swim until we couldn’t move our arms and legs anymore. There’d be endless fighting and bicke

New Years' Resolution

The gifts have been opened, the holiday treats have been baked and eaten, trees are coming down and we’re all heading back into the regularity of our lives. It’s official, the new year is upon us. It’s that time of year that we sit back and take stock of what we’ve accomplished over the last twelve months and assess what we will strive to achieve in the upcoming year. For most, this assessment usually leads to a declaration to eat less, eat better, get organized and to save more. For us, our assessment of what we’ve accomplished in the exiting year and our aspirations for the upcoming year are almost one in the same. Our most resounding resolutions each New Year is to never abandon who w

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