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New Years' Resolution

The gifts have been opened, the holiday treats have been baked and eaten, trees are coming down and we’re all heading back into the regularity of our lives. It’s official, the new year is upon us. It’s that time of year that we sit back and take stock of what we’ve accomplished over the last twelve months and assess what we will strive to achieve in the upcoming year. For most, this assessment usually leads to a declaration to eat less, eat better, get organized and to save more.

For us, our assessment of what we’ve accomplished in the exiting year and our aspirations for the upcoming year are almost one in the same. Our most resounding resolutions each New Year is to never abandon who we are as a company, forget why we do what we do and why we do it the way we do it.

We opened Lick Honest Ice Creams in October of 2011 because we wanted to make ice creams that we could feel good about calling “Honest” and ice creams that celebrated the flavors of Texas. Thankfully, people have embraced our passion and mission and we have grown each year. This year alone we opened another scoop shop in North Austin, added several members to our Lick family and most recently began shipping this ice cream that we pack our heart into each and every day directly to you, wherever you are. This is all very exciting and something we are all proud of here. Our little company has definitely grown and it’s all thanks to you, our amazingly supportive and enthusiastic customers.

With all this growth, comes change. Production spaces have expanded, additional freezers have been built, payrolls increased and the amount of ice cream churned has been multiplied many times over. However, with all that is in motion around us, we resolve to stick to our commitment to ourselves, the farmers and artisans who entrust us to use their ingredients in our ice creams and of course, our customers.

We still make every batch of ice cream the same way we churned our very first gallon. We source all of our milk and cream from Mill-King Creamery, a small dairy 80 miles north of our kitchen with a handsome heard of 125 cows. These cows are grass-fed and eat supplemented Non-GMO grains when needed. Our ice cream base mix is still made with our custom recipe, we still make every single component that is added to our ice creams from scratch and we still pack each pint by hand. You’ll never see catchy yet empty buzz words and phrases on one of our pints. Instead, we will continue to focus on educating our customers on the origins of our ingredients and having our ingredient list speak for itself. This is the best way that we know how to describe what our ice cream is made of.

Why do we do all this? It’s simple. We truly believe this is the most honest way to make ice cream and it’s the kind of ice cream we want to eat.

You’ll never find anything artificial, any kind of corn syrup or any store bought components in our ice creams. Ever. We’re a growing company with three scoop shops and another on the way, but no matter how much ice cream we make, you have our word that the way we make it will never change. Honest. This is our promise to you and our paramount resolution for this coming year.

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