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Peanut Fudge Swirl: It's All Good!

Earlier this month, we introduced a brand new flavor at our Austin & San Antonio scoop shops and it's been FLYING out of our scoops! Peanut Fudge Swirl features roasted Texas peanuts tossed into a rich fudge sauce and swirled through our creamy peanut butter ice cream. If chocolate & peanut butter is the flavor combo of your dreams (like it is ours), you're going to love it. [P.S. if you visit our scoop shops, pair a scoop of this flavor with a scoop of our Caramel Salt Lick and tell us what it reminds you of!]

We're proud to offer such a crowd-pleasing flavor that also shares a prominent taste of Texas. Peanuts have been grown as a commercial crop in our home state since 1906 because the abundant sunshine, sandy soil are a conducive environment for growing this favorite legume. The top peanut producing area in the state is Gaines County, located in West Texas, which is also where the peanuts in our Peanut Fudge Swirl flavor come from!

We source all of our peanuts from All Good Peanut Company a farmer-owned peanut farm in Seminole, TX! Read on to learn more about them!

Q: What inspired or motivated the founders of All Good Peanuts to grow peanuts?

A: All Good Peanuts' founders have been farming peanuts for over ten years. The founders started AGP because they noticed a hole in the market for small peanut processors who put their focus on farmers. That's why at AGP our number one focus is on keeping our process as close to farm to market as possible.

Q: What are the challenges encountered when growing peanuts? Is there anything that comes easy when growing peanuts?

A: The biggest challenge with any farming is the unpredictability of the weather. The farm needs rain, but the rain can ruin the crop if it comes at the wrong time. Overall, growing peanuts does come fairly easy in Texas, especially in our area, we have optimal soil and heat units. We really believe that these conditions produce a higher quality peanut, and encourage everyone to buy Texas grown peanuts.

Q: When's the peanut harvesting season? What's the whole life cycle for the peanuts?

A: Peanut harvest usually starts around October. The life cycle of a peanut can be pretty extensive since peanuts can be harvested and treated to be used as seed. The seeds are planted in late spring to early summer and harvested in the fall. After harvesting, the peanuts are brought to the warehouse where they go through several cleaning stations to get rid of dirt, sticks, etc. Then if the customer requests it, they go through the sheller and then more cleaning stations. After our whole cleaning process we send a sample to the lab for testing to make sure it is up to par to be sent to customers.

Q: What kind of peanuts do you grow?

A: All Good Peanut Company grows Runner, Virginia, and Spanish type peanuts. We can also grow Valencia if the demand should arise, but for now we only carry the three types. [note: we use their Virginia peanuts in our Peanut Fudge Swirl ice cream!]

Q: What makes All Good Peanuts unique compared to other peanuts?

A: AGP is different because of our focus on farmers. Our founders are two brothers who have been on the fields for pretty much their whole lives. Our farmers are experienced and take great pride in their crop. We know where and what field every load of peanuts come from, and personally know the growers. In the warehouse, we are very hands on because we are a small business we have eyes on the products at all times.

Photo courtesy of All Good Peanut Company

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