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Spotlight: SRSLY Chocolate

If you've had a chocolate-based ice cream from us in the last year, then you've tasted the genius of Austin-based SRSLY Chocolate. We can't get enough of their stone-ground chocolate, and have some serious respect for their bean-to-bar operation. Started in 2012, SRSLY's beginnings go back to when Bob Williamson and his wife, Robin Simoneaux-Williamson, lived in Tallahassee, Florida. Always interested in food processes, Bob's love for the fairly arduous task of chocolate-making started when he decided to make his own for chocolate croissants. Desiring a supportive group and community for craft chocolate-making, the couple moved to Robin's previous home of Austin, TX in 2014. Since their m

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Cones for a Cause

We celebrate ice cream every day, month, and year at Lick Honest Ice Creams, but there is one month and one day of every year that truly tops the rest. That month is July, National Ice Cream Month, and that day is July 16, National Ice Cream Day. Throughout National Ice Cream Month and on National Ice Cream Day, we and everyone else in this foodie nation have a legitimate excuse to go ice cream crazy, which is why it is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year for our local ice cream business! National Ice Cream Month is, however, so much more than an excuse to indulge in the coldest of desserts on the hottest of days. It's also the time for all of us at Lick to ask, "why ice c

Banana Nut Fudge: our hyper-local flavor of the year!

"How do you come up with new flavors?," inquire many. To answer this common question, we sincerely say, "that depends!" Sometimes new flavors require time, arduous effort, and intense discussion, but at other times they literally and figuratively come straight to us. We didn't have to search far for our newest and most thrilling flavor, Banana Nut Fudge. Thanks to a few key pioneers, this decadent flavor was one that came directly to us! Our relationship with Jon Meredith of Sweet Eats Fruit Farm began with a serendipitous meeting. Our co-owner and chef, Anthony, and Jon crossed paths two years ago at the Sustainable Food Center's 2015 Farm to Plate, where Jon asked Anthony which plant

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