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Spotlight: Foxwares Ceramics

Lindsey and Dimitar Wohlgemuth unconsciously mirror each other as the three of us chat in their kitchen. Dimitar slouches back against the kitchen counter while Lindsey leans forward across the kitchen table. They serve me thick, African coffee and a chocolate and walnut cake made by Dimitar’s Romanian grandfather. They’ve been married for two years now, and it’s clear that they’ve fully settled into their cozy house in central Austin. On every wall, there are paintings by Lindsey’s friends, shelves stacked with her ceramics. New Zealand’s psychedelic pop musician, Connan Mockasin, plays over Dimitar’s stereo in the other room. Lindsey is the ceramicist who makes the gorgeous ice cream bowls

Back to the Basics

Making ice cream that is made with honest ingredients is hard work. We do it because the effort is totally worth it. We’re proud of the people and products that we work with and can say, with honesty, that we love creating, serving, AND eating our ice creams. The truth is ice cream is ice cream is ice cream: the basic ingredients, ratio of ingredients, and preparation methods of any proprietary mix must meet specific requirements. Before you add in your flavoring ingredients like chocolate, mint, or beets, there are five main components to ice cream that all contribute in their own ways to the deliciously creamy, soft, and chewy texture and flavor that we all know and love. These are the

Meet Claudia!

“I’m the two-stepping queen.” You wouldn’t necessarily expect these words to come out of a petite woman, or less imagine her covering a dance floor as you watch her escape the cold by tucking into a cup of coffee. But Claudia Caballero is full of surprises. In the office, she is less known as the two-stepping queen and more often lovingly referred to as the wholesale czarina. Claudia runs our wholesale department – taking charge of a frontier that’s new to all of us. Not only did she build her department from the ground up in only six months, but also successfully grown our wholesale client base to nearly 80 stores with a grace of a business leader. When Claudia came to Lick, she was experie

The Magic of Citrus Season

Back in the summer of 2012 when I first started scooping at Lick, Blackberry, Lime, & Basil and Cilantro Lime were my unquestioned favorites of all the ice creams we had in the case at the time. The complex, slightly citrusy flavors were always my go-to when I wanted a scoop that first summer. The taste of Cilantro Lime pressed down into the bottom of a waffle cone is, for me, one of the strongest sensory memories of that time. A lifetime chocolate-lover, one of the most striking things about my job at Lick since day one has been that, of all of our flavors, it’s the fruities, juiciest ones that I consistently find myself most drawn to. Other favorites of mine have included Roasted Beets & F

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