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The Season of Giving & Gratitude

The way we see it, honest ice cream is both a product for consuming and an impactful ingredient for giving. Each pint, scoop, and sandwich is the sweet product of our labors and - with your help - our means to contribute to our community's rich recipe for aid & well-being. Honest ice cream should not only taste good but also be good, y'all!

As we approach Thanksgiving and the end of yet another calendar year, we touch base. We pause to reflect on our mission, our efforts to achieve our mission, and our influence on feeding the greater good. We plan for the future and devise our own recipes for an even more significant 2018.

So let it be known that 2017 has been an immense year! All because of y'all. Thanks to your patronage, we have been able to give back in more ways than ever before and become a more versatile, supportive ingredient on the most generous giving plates within our community. And we don't mean that literally (although our ice creams are indeed served on a few dishes in town)!

This Thanksgiving, we want to express our most sincere gratitude to all who have helped sustain us: to our suppliers who provide us with our ingredients and our lifeblood, to our customers who enthusiastically enjoy us and keep our ice cream making engines running, and to our supportive community that provides so much aid for those in need. We are proud to provide in part to our diverse network of local, national, and international nonprofit organizations including the following:

American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Thanks again to you, we have been able to contribute a total of $17,077 so far this year to all of the above organizations (...and more!).

Here's to more ice cream, more support, and more giving in 2018 and beyond! Two scoops, y'all!

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