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Booking A SXSW Event? Here's What You Need to Know!

SXSW Austin Event and Catering

Booking an event in Austin during SXSW? Well, let us tell you from experience: you're in for one heck of a good time! South by Southwest transforms our beloved city. It brings over 100,000 attendees who inject hundreds of millions of dollars into Austin's local economy. So not only do local businesses like ours love being part of the life and action of the festival (because it is, truly, an amazing experience every year), but we also look forward to the business it brings, the opportunity to share our products and our stories with out-of-towners, and the chance we can provide a moment to slow down a little bit and savor something uniquely Austin in the midst of it all.

We know you want to host a buzzworthy event, so what advice can we give you? After several years of participating in and being hired for SXSW events by many wonderful clients, we strongly encourage you to expect the unexpected, stay positive, offer FOOD and snacks, and book a local company to cater for you!

It goes without saying why you should expect the unexpected and remain positive under all circumstances. That's just event planning 101.

But why should you offer food or snacks and not just alcohol? Because people are HUNGRY!

While alcohol is guaranteed to lure folks to your event, we've found that free booze is actually wildly available but food is not. And what does that mean for the the people who are experiencing the realness of the Texas heat & humidity, walking around all day and all night? They need to eat! Hiring a local taco shop to hand out satisfying tacos or someone like us to serve cold & refreshing ice cream is doing everyone and their stomachs a favor.

And why should you hire a local business to support your event? Because locals are always unique and have the experience you need to make your event the biggest success! (Oh and we're also a whole lot of fun!)

Austin is a foodie city and eating local is so important to the people who live here. Take advantage of this scene and give your guests something to remember! Engaging and Austin-based institution will provide not only that unique item that will ensure guests take a photo of and post about your event / activation, but also the peace of mind you need to navigate the obstacles you will encounter. Road closures, parking restrictions, permitting, and more can all throw off an inexperienced company. For a business that has been participating in the festival for years, knowing where to make allowances is just part of the process. We know how to deal with traffic, what departments to call to get paperwork done, how to get in touch with venues about load-in, what to do when the line gets crazy long, and all those other festival secrets. And experienced company will also know that flexibility is key to success at SXSW. Not all great ideas will work within the parameters of the venue or city rules and an experienced caterer will be able to provide creative solutions to help you adhere to the rules. When you're stuck, a local company can help you out!

You have the knowledge and now you also have the power. Go forth and book! And if you're looking for ice cream, e-mail or call (512) 382-0745 to connect!

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